Did you know that Arianna Huffington once woke up in her home office in a pool of blood? She collapsed while working, hit her face on her desk, and broke her cheekbone.

Thankfully, she was okay, but the incident should serve as a stern warning about something we all struggle with daily.

We’ll give you a hint…

What’s the first thing you neglect when you are strapped for time, hustling to grow your business, and trying to balance work, life, and relationships?

It’s sleep. And, yeah, it’s super important.

As entrepreneurs, we don’t always have the luxury of getting eight hours of restful sleep a night. Some of us would be happy with a few hours coupled with three Starbucks macchiatos to round out our half-dead mornings.

Well put away the mega-doses of caffeine. There’s a better solution to the entrepreneur’s perpetual struggle for sleep. And we have it.

Click below to learn how to get enough sleep, so you can feel like a champion and still GSD. Arianna Huffington learned how to do it and so can you:

You Snooze, You Win: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Healthy Sleep Habits